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KDP Select Results

Now that my KDP Free Promo has ended, its time to sit back and see if it did me any good in the sales department.

It ranked 24th in the top 100 under Literary fiction.

Got 140 Free downloads .com 46 downloads .uk 5 downloads .de

And ranked at 1453 in overall free sales

It will be interesting to see if I manage to get any sales from it. Before this my book had been onthe market three daysand only had one sell. I’mnot to much of a marketer. My second free promotion will be on the 22-24 of June. I’ll keep everyone posted.


About junespears81

Born and raised in Atlanta, Georgia, June E Spears had spent her early years writing mostly poems and school songs. However, she could not escape the allure of storytelling and quickly began studying to become a novelist. She began by reading every chance she had. Mostly Fantasy and Romance novels, June's love of writing was uncontrollable. Once she began typing, she never stopped. June is best known for her Fantasy Novelette Series "The Blood Moon Chronicles". She is a single mother to her only daughter Isabella Rose.

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